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Spring is Coming Class
Jakarta, 23 Feb 2018
Let’s welcome spring with fun and exciting activities! Join Kidea “Spring  is coming class” and explore these following activities:
    1. Flower arranging – a practical life material wherein the children can practice their skills in pouring, cutting and arranging. This also develops their aesthetic sense.
    2. Transferring “bee” pompoms to a paper hive – This develops one to one correspondence as well us develop tripod grip.
    3. Transferring eggs – This activity facilitates  left to right orientation. It also improves independence as the children understand its practical application.
    4. Opening and closing surprise eggs – This activity will improve children’s hand eye coordination and matching skill.
    5. Spring cutting strips – The children will practice handling and using scissors.
    6. Rainbow play dough – This activity improves wrist and finger strength.
    1. Spring sensory bin – The children will explore a pond setting with ducks and frogs. Sprayers and lily pad mats are added to introduce movement and the concept of floating and sinking.
    2. Matching color tablets to flowers – This is an extension of the color box 2 materials. The children will learn about primary and secondary colors  and relate them to model flowers.
    3. Rainbow blocks – an open ended material to develop creativity in children.
    4. Stereognotic Bag – a modification exercise wherein a child needs to find the ovoid among the rest of the solids. This activity refines muscle memory.
MATH – The following activities refines the rote counting skill of children. It enhances the concept of quantity and sequencing of numbers.
  1. Finding the missing number on a flower
  2. Number & Quantity egg shell match
  3. Raindrops Math
  1. Metal inset designs – The children will trace, make patterns and create designs using the insets. This improves tripod grip and develops creativity.
  2. Spring theme phonics basket – teaches the children phonics sound of familiar spring items.
  3. Word Hunt Sensory bin – the children will search for the words on the given list.
  1. Spring flowers terminology cards – A culture material that introduces the names of flowers. These cards set the foundation for reading.
  2. Life cycle of the butterfly frieze
  1. Raindrops
  1. Rainbow in a Bag
  2. Rainbow Fruit Satay
  3. Rainbow in a bag
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