Lesson Plan


Kidea introduces children to 40 common preschool topics. These topics will be covered from level Playgroup/Toddler until Kindergarten 2. For younger levels, topics are introduction to new English vocabularies and as enunciation practice for young speakers. As children move to higher levels, vocabularies are presented with more information and room for discussion.
To support language development, children are exposed to different songs and rhymes to learn the vocabularies from each weekly topic. In singing and reciting rhymes, children develop confidence which starts from a class presentation until school concerts and competitions. The lyrics and verses expose children to letter sounds, rhyming patterns and syllabication which are fundamentals in reading.
These activities are done in alternating classical weeks to develop tripod grip, concentration and endurance, awareness of basic colors and combinations, understanding and execution of simple instructions which will lead to the development of one's aesthetic sense and creativity.
These art and craft activities are thematic and covers different art techniques. The techniques covered are printing of different media,mosaic, collage, origami, 2D/3D constructions, paper Mache to name a few. Twice a term, Kidea has simple cooking art which involves simple snack preparations and food decorations.
Kidea exposes children to games with rules like races, relays, common party games and traditional games. Games are one of the activities that develop gross motor skill, cooperative play and grace in defeat. The rules applied develop children's understanding on instructions and communication towards the team.
Children are exposed to different experiments related to the topic. Here children will develop their observation skill from the start of the experiment until the result. These activities help children develop patience and the greatest virtue of perseverance to not give up until success is attained.
To reinforce the topic, drama play activities are added to the classical curriculum. Here the children will engage in pretend play which replicates daily activities or events. Drama Play activities develop children's social skills and imagination.
Kidea presents children stories using different stroytelling media. The storytelling types used are books, different puppets like finger, hand, paper bag etc, action stories, dioramas and many more. Through storytelling, we will enhance literacy, ignite children's imagination and teach them good moral values.
The exercises here aim to develop children's skills in matching, sorting, identifying odd pictures, forming puzzles and recognizing patterns like AB,ABB,AAB and ABC patterns. All activities will sharpen the children's logical thinking and reasoning.
Kidea believes that children should grasp the idea of quantity in concrete presentation before we proceed to symbols and complex Math operations. Children need not to memorize as full understanding of the concept will also guarantee recognition, identification and memorization of numeric data. Kidea aims to let children use their understanding to solve problems beyond the texts but practical problems encountered everyday.
Kidea uses the phonetic system and level in accordance to Montessori's pink (Phonics and CVC words), blue (consonant clusters) and green (phonogram) series. Uppercase letters are introduced in lower years to aid writing of name and lowercase letters are strengthen in higher levels to aid the reading process. Kidea puts emphasis on correct order of strokes, letter/word placement and left to right orientation in reading and writing.
Familiarity of the English vocabularies is the foundation in understanding grammar. Children are presented with situations in order for them to actively participate in conversations applying basic rules in grammar. Higher levels are introduced to basic nouns, adjectives, verbs, preposition to develop their reading comprehension and conversation skills.
Kidea has a daily gym program which includes Zumba and Obstacle course routine. In Zumba, children will learn basic dance steps and choreography to develop further their gross motor skill, focus and coordination. The * Wee Play equipments are used to create different obstacle course covering basic routines like, walking on balance beam, jumping, crawling, sliding etc.
Kidea introduces children to the original 26 brain gym movements to help children achieve coordination of the body and improve learning. Kidea introduces basic yoga poses to promote body awareness, flexibility, concentration and healthy body, mind and soul.
Weekly Song
Kidea Song (The Upbeat Instrumental)