Kidea Makassar
Jl. Daeng Tompo no.31, Maloku, Ujung Pandang, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan Phone: 0411-3690184 Wa: 0822 5988 5353
Our facilities at Kidea Makassar
Kidea Town
We focus not only on intellectual development, but also emotional well-being, social skills and physical activity.
Full AC & CCTV Monitored Classrooms
All our classrooms are air-conditioned and have CCTV with a monitor set in. Should parents want to take a 'peek' into their child's classroom.
Complete Montessori Materials
Montessori teachers believe that children learn from their mistakes. If nothing ever breaks, children have no reason to learn carefulness. Children treasure their learning materials and enjoy learning to take care of them “all by myself.”
Complete Montessori Materials
Young children’s attention spans are shorter and their bodies just want to move. In addition to recess, we make sure to provide music and movement activities for our preschoolers.
A Few Moment
We had a lot of memory at Kidea Makassar
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